E Commerce websites

E Commerce has become the best part of our life and also become a way of life in India. Indians have their specific and quirks needs when this is comes to the online shopping. In the country; it is one of the most popular globally leading shopping sites. Also, while in the top of the list Amazon India in the shopping parts and shopping category with overall it ranks sixth , behind Google (India and both global), Yahoo, Youtube and Facebook.

Alibaba and Amazon only ship to the country just than other, like Snapdeal and Flipkart have gone as native as possible and taken a global model.

Here are the some of eCommerce website are:

  • Amazon India – Today Amazon India is top of the lot and beating many ecommerce websites. Amazon website is launched in 2013, after six years of Flipkart. A fight ensued, localization, billion dollar checks on both ends, complete with mega ad spending.


  • Flipkart – In website popularity, the king of indian e commerce holds second place. Flipkart company beats Amazon because of Flipkart insists and it is pushing more towards app transactions. Many industry analysts, think while commerce is best way of the future, but it is too early to discount website business.


  • Snapdeal – The online Walmart of India is totally self professed.CEO and Founder has repeatedly said that he is building the company modelled after Alibaba. Snapdeal is a technology platform that brings sellers and buyers together


  • Alibaba – Alibaba is not a Indian website, and one doesn’t need see ads asking Indian to buy on Alibaba, but customers here have long discovered the bulk purchases done on this online megastore and discovered the benefits of getting electronics.


  • Ebay India – Ebay has quietly slipped in across the world, also including in India. Travails of home have hit Ebay’s performance in India.


  • Jabong – e commerce player in this country, Jabong ranks below in the popularity charts in Ebay. When management changes and many other problems and then Jabong have not found its balance.


  • Shopclues – Shopclues is expected to become the profitable with possibilities in 2017. It is the largest ecommerce player and is eyeing going public.


  • Quikr – Quikr has been recently bought Common floor to boost its real estate listings and growing fast. This company founded in Mumbai by Jiby Thomas and Pranay Chulet.