Amazon Business: Reality & Opportunity for Brands and Manufacturers

Everyone must have heard about Amazon ( the e-commerce company). Amazon’s big funding in Business-to-Business eCommerce has a strong call to product makers and brands to take the lead in this fast-growing channel or leave behind those who do it.

One of the top acquisitions of Jim Collin’s original business book ‘Good to Great’ is that ‘Great’ companies- or those who well have overreached their peers atop in the idiom of enterprise value – Facing the ‘cruel reality’ of their markets and situations.

They are not frightened to try-out new approaches in the phase of changing the market and will risk failure preferably than suffer inferiority or death by inaction. They resist what is happening, and take action.

As the CEO of Amazon “Jeff Bezos”, said in the latter to its shareholders, great firm work hard to stay “ Day 1” companies continuously recapitulate and testing for improvising. A procedure is secondary and always deferential to customer’s requirement.

Jim Collins- “When you start a respected and amicable endeavor to resolute the truth of your condition, the right determination often become self-evident”

Today’s digital-centric world, the cruel reality is that a company is successfully interrupting the way the industry is selling the products. That company is called Amazon. Mr. Bezos’s child who has become a giant after being a ‘Day 1’ company.

Amazon is a troublemaking juggernaut which intermediates in the traditional sales and distribution channels. Apart from this, with the emergence of the largest garment retailer in the United States, a garment is a growing list of retailers, which are falling off the map, as well as limited American dress, wet seal, and many more others. Sports equipment traders, customer electronics giants, departmental stores, and many more categories are affecting.

What does it mean for brands, product makers and distributors operating in traditional business-to-business sales markets? In my opinion, it is already a matter of time before the Amazon business-to-business market is interrupted. The cruel truth is Amazon has the proficiency, deep pockets, data, and amazing accomplishment ability which will change where and how business buyers are doing a transaction. make no mistake because it is happening already.

It’s Written On the Wall

Amazon is funding exceptionally to own business buyers through the same tool and user experiences, these same buyers have become usual to purchasing their personal purchases on website as consumers. This is called Amazon business by the firms, and they are implementing right now to assist traditionally business-to-business workflows and customer’s buying expectation digitally.

The efforts that Amazon includes are:-

  1. Adding Peoples:- Amazon is a metric-driven implementation machine which hires extraordinary peoples. Over the past few years, Amazon has multiplied 3x in size in terms of the number of employees Amazon has hired.
  2. Getting Business Buyers in Main Sectors:- starting with an example, Amazon has secured a considerable public sector agreement recently, which permit buyers at public agencies and non-profit organizations to get the product they need from Amazon. The agreement could be worth approximately $5.5 billion. Amazon has an enlarging team of salespersons who are in the field of adding business buyers or vendor, or both to develop its marketplace.ecosystem for business-to-business. Making sales people active in the field is new to Amazon and a sign that the company now knows what it will take to develop Amazon Business.
  3. Merging With Mediation Systems:- Amazon is merged with the most common buying software platforms used by the group and uniform buyers. This empowers business buyers to use their ERP system to buy products via Amazon.
    In other words, Mediation peoples now can buy products via Amazon in the same way they like they purchase something from other retailers via their ERP today.
  4. Creating Business-to-Business Workflows & Functionalities:- Amazon has appended major buyers that are needed by business buyers and sellers, such as support for tier pricing and buy approval procedure. They are also expanding business credit terms to buyers.
    Merge these investments with the fact that Amazon is likely 10 years ahead of most companies about how to use data to personalize digital experiences, and there is clear evidence that many business buyers are buying already on Amazon and there is a cruel reality to compete in front of you.

Good News For Brands And Product Makers

Recently I made a demonstration that manufacturing companies which stand on their own excellence and profits are in the great place to take a lead of this vital shift. Traditional channels are up to replace, and Amazon will probably impact the large volume of distributors.

we are seeing already happening this. the groundbreaker of business-to-business e-commerce and distribution behemoth Grainger has declared recently that its sales enlargement is slowing. Grainger has missed its 1st quarter of 2017 earnings projections, which the organization imputed to price reductions & online sales pressures.

Its gross decreased by 9 percent per share compared to the 1st quarter of 2016. Industry pundits and other distribution leaders such as Fastenal, particularly expect marginal pressures coming from Amazon business development.

Amazon business is an opportunity for manufacturers and brands to influence traditional distributors. If you are one of these two types of businesses by launching on Amazon Business, then you have an immediate opportunity:

  • Drive incremental profit and grab new customers.
  • Be relevant to existing customers, many of whom are loyal to Amazon, and are already buying on Amazon for their business.
  • Make yourself to stand ahead of your competitors. There is currently an opportunity for capitalization on Amazon’s efforts to make its classification through marketplace partnership (and it will not survive). At this time you have time to take some lead that you are unlikely to be later. And you can go there before your competitors.
  • Control how your brand is located on this fast-growing channel. As a fun and troubling practice, try to find any of your products right now on Amazon. I do this with the CEO all the time and this instantly causes immediate anxiety when the CEO sees how their brand looks at # 1 place, people are looking for their products.

Taking the lead of a seller central account, you can also control the price of your product on Amazon.

Consider the fact that 55 percent of all product searches are now available on Amazon. We can expect that number to continue growing. Now ignore Amazon’s business-to-business efforts, and you will catch it later. If you really have a different product – which can not be easily replaced by an option – I firmly believe that you should see this change as the development of distribution channels, not the threat to your company.

More Purchases Are Starting & Ending On Amazon

Amazon’s efforts in the business-to-business region are increasing rapidly. As mentioned above, the number of business buyers who started searching for their product on Amazon is increasing and is pushing the traditional distributors faster.

According to the research of Forrester, the volume of business product associated to searches starting with Amazon has now incremented in collation to the number of searches that begins on distributors websites. According to the similar report, Amazon is gently taking stock of Google Search and Origin from Bing.

The growing number of business buyers is also ending their shopping trip on Amazon. More than our friends in Forrester- According to the 1st quarter of 2017, nearly 40 percent of business-to-business buyers are completing their purchases on Amazon. In 2015, the percentage of business-to-business buyers who said they had ended their purchase on distributor sites was 30 percent.

In 2017, only two years later, this number has fallen to 16 percent. Buyers are coming to those sites that are easy to use with an extensive selection, fast selection, limited login requirements, and built-in trust. Amazon makes these things better than anyone and they are participating in the process through traditional channels.

By 2020, it is expected that business-to-business buyers will earn half of their purchases online-a trend that is only the beginning but is increasing rapidly. It is important to note that the drivers for this shift are: convenience, speed, and value. And we all know that Amazon performs well in all three buckets.

Amazon is fast becoming a vital distribution channel that can benefit from manufacturers and brand sales. This is where your customers are searching for products and this is where they are buying them.

If you have a product or brand that you are a creator or yourself – and it is unique, then standing on your own, and in demand – it is time you consider yourself to understand Amazon.

Of course, you can say that Amazon can take the lead in what you learn about your industry class by selling your products and then can directly enter your business by sourcing. There are probably some categories where this is actually a threat.

However, I am convinced that in the many business-to-business industry categories, with the continued importance of the highly complex nature of the product and application knowledge, it creates very little risk for most industries. Apart from this, if you are really an innovator with a great product in your area, and your product is your main qualification-do you really have a lot to worry about?

Note that Amazon Business also brings real time-to-market profit for your e-commerce presence, especially if you are new to online commerce. Normally at a nominal cost, a typical producer or brand can move on the Amazon platform in 1 to 2 months.

Compare this to the development and deployment of an in-house e-commerce website, which can consume 9 to 18 months related to the related capital cost of $ 250,000 to many lakhs or more (believe me That brand and manufacturers should have both an eCommerce site as well as the presence on Amazon). Perfect for Amazon’s programs like Amazon, it makes it easy for you to ship quickly to business customers and meet Amazon’s fulfillment and service needs.

Amazon is currently combatively hiring vendors for Amazon Business. Business buyers are increasingly transferred to Amazon. If you are not there, then you are going to lose someone else.